Selecting The Correct Aftermarket Rims For Your Vehicle

Wheels are an integral part of every automobile. They have transcended the role of just circular structures attached to an axle by which circular movement around a point of fulcrum creates motion which is needed for transportations. ESR Wheels have evolved with technology into aesthetic and high performance super auto parts. Wheels provide frictionless and uniform motion. They come in various designs, structures, sand colors and provide support for the vehicle. Various automobile industries have sort manufacturing materials and strategies to improve the look and efficiency of wheels. The 3 most popular materials for high quality wheels are alloy, aluminum and chrome.


Experts prefer the use of alloy wheels for the manufacturing of vehicles such as SUV, truck and vans for its strength and durability. Alloys rims are composed of a combination of metals such as Aluminum and Magnesium. The use of these metals date as far back as 1924 for the modification of sport vehicles and became popular in the 80’s. Alloy rims are preferred for their strength, lightness in weight and ease of handling while driving including braking.


This wheel is manufactured by either of two techniques: cast or forged. The pouring of hot molten aluminum into a one-piece mold cools into an aluminum wheel. Another technique is the applications of extreme pressure to the wheels materials in a contained environment.


These were usually expensive and only owned by the wealthy but with new chroming techniques chrome rims are affordable. When you take a steel or aluminum wheel and apply layers of chrome to it, what you have is a shiny chrome wheel with elegance that stands out in every event. Chrome rims make the ESR wheels heavier for more support and chrome is way less prone to rust in comparison to alloy, magnesium or aluminum wheels. As classy as the chrome may seem it requires more maintenance work to sustain its lustrous characteristics. It needs to be polished often to remove debris. Automobile brands have continually developed new designs and structure of wheels using these components and the general prediction is that the use of chrome, alloyed and aluminum is less likely to phase out in years to come.


Top 10 Sports cars for 2017

The automobile industry is progressive and unrelenting in the development of new concept and technology that could support future vehicle designs. From the engineering of car parts to the production of various luxury features that supersedes its predecessors. The conventional designs are slowly phasing out with the unveiling of futuristic labels. 2016 has had a great run with incredible new releases but they are nothing compared to what 2018 has in store. The following are a few of 2018 models to look out for.


  1. INFINITI Q100

The Q100 was inspired by the 2009 essence concept and features a twin turbo, 6-cylinder hybrid engine with outputs well over 600hp. It is predicted to go for $150,000 making it one of infinity’s most expensive automobiles.


This design is an upgrade of the Ferrari 458 Italia but with a different engine and exhaust system. The sound of its engine indicates the presence of a twin turbocharged 3-liter V6 with an output of 503hp. The estimated price for this beauty hovers at about $215,000.


This smooth ride features quite a number of aesthetic designs such as a chrome windscreen, chrome strips lined horizontally across the vehicle, suicide doors and electric inlays complete with chrome vertical bars. The engine of course will be ford’s top tier V6 engine along with a 9-speed automatic. This would make the Lincoln continental a strong competition.


The 21-feet long royalty will be lavished with so much extravagance that only the wealthiest can afford them. The features would include first class executive rear seats, a glass partition between chauffeur and passenger ride boasts of a 6-liter V-12 with two turbo-charged engines that can achieve 523hp with 612 torque. The price would start off at $600,000 for regular versions. Custom made versions would have financial implications.


This sexy sleek sports car would be available as both coupe and convertible. Its primary competition lies within luxury brands such as Chevrolet corvette and Mercedes-benz SLK. The price should be little over $40,000.

These 2018 cars are still undergoing production processes so car collectors may have to wait a while but when they are finally unveiled they would truly make headlines.

Americas 5 Most Famous Movie Cars

The movie industry have over time dazzled viewers with vehicles of different sizes, class and specifications ranging from cheapest to most expensive, trashy to most luxurious, slowest to the most fast paced stunt cars. There are some vehicles we see every day and some are customs made but many a time before you get the chance to appreciate the beauty of a certain automobile the scene changes. These are five popular trending Hollywood vehicles:


This classy and appealing Volkswagen may be simple and common, so much so that we hardly notice it in movies but it’s been continually reprised on motion pictures since the 60’s and has gained numerous appearances since then. It took a new elegant form in the movie “Herbie” where it stunned in its simplicity and portability. Designed in the 1930’s the VW beetle has withstood the test of time, maintaining its standard two doors and four sitter structures. It is one of the most influential automobiles in Hollywood.



This Hollywood kingpin has made a huge hit with its race car looks, powerful engine roars and its unbeatable velocity. This mayhem on wheels was made popular in the movie “dukes of hazard.” The first dodge charger was produced in 1964, a roadster-style car and the most recent version is a rear wheel drive, four door sedan known for its intimidating roars.


This king of the road has made its mark in Hollywood since its debut in the 80’s TV series”knight rider” featuring David Hasselhoff. It has both coupe and convertible styles. The most recent upgrade, a 2017 ford mustang boasts of a whopping 300-435 horsepower. This is definitely a force to reckon with.


This masterpiece has been brutally popularized to stand out with superseding flawlessness by being showcased in the James Bond 007 series. This exquisite machine has been refurbished since the 60’s as the spy automobile of all time. The first production dates back to 1921 from sports cars to luxury cars, the Aston Martin with its sophistication and dynamic performance has proved itself indispensable in the automobile industry.


You dare not speak of Hollywood fast cars without mentioning this time machine. Its beauty and velocity literally takes you into the future. Its appearance in the Hollywood blockbuster “fast and the furious 7” has made the spyder an eye candy with its extraordinary speed and stunt capabilities. It moves at a top speed of 329kph with a 625 PS (616BHP).

These cars are definitely to watch out for in the movie industry as they go through transitions into more futuristic versions of themselves which is always a beauty to behold.

Top 10 Desert Offroad Machines

The desert is no place for just any regular car. The excruciating heat, the mighty quick sands and the uneven landscape are forces of nature that always overwhelms even the toughest of vehicles…. Or do they. You guessed right! Not all cars cower at these setbacks. There are breed of cars that have not only got what it takes to survive the desert but also has the daunting ability to navigate through this post-apocalyptic dry lands.



This hardcore military vehicle was built to survive all terrain. The massive 37 inch tires are adjustable from the central tire inflation system. It has a top speed of over 70 mph (113km/h). it is not the fastest of cars, it’s also incredibly large for a regular road but when you are stuck somewhere around rocky dry lands, sand dunes or generally an uneven landscape and a long way from home, this is the vehicle you want to be in.


Its predecessors are known for their ruggedness on land and this big bully is no different. Its newest model is v8 powered and bags 381 HP. It is incredibly durable and can tow a load of more than four tons. This four wheel drive desert dweller has a purchase price of about $83,000.


This power house is completely in control with its exceptional tractions on slippery roads. It has proven itself a titan of a 4WD with its distinctive viscous coupling locking center differential which splits torque equally from rear. A powerful engine inclusive, this vehicle has a bad road pass.



Over the years Toyota brand of 4WD cars have maintained its durability and ruggedness. The Hilux pickup is an exemplary figure of perfection and quality from its solid axle to its high ground clearance. Its replacement parts are easy to find due to its longevity in the automobile industry from early years. 2016 Hilux is rated at 177 hp and offers a 6-speed manual gearbox. This beast would give you a run any day anywhere.


When going on an expedition, excursion, or just an adventure with a few people you would need a lot of room and little necessary equipment. This 4WD van is the perfect specimen. This elegant van comes with a turbo- diesel v6 for fuel economy.

Whether it’s the African desert, the rocky roads in the Middle East, the Australian desert, whatever the challenge in terrain, these dessert dwellers are built to dominate. They are the ultimate definition of a safe trip.

10 Best Out of the box Offroading trucks

Modern trucks and SUVs have become more agreeable on an everyday basis, but they have also increased considerable rough terrain ability as innovative and engineering advances have made for all intents and purposes unstoppable four-wheel drive systems buttressed by electronic driver’s aides. How about we investigate 10 best offroading Trucks you can Buy New

1) 2016 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X 

The 2016 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X medium size offroading pickup truck is an extraordinary all-around bundle for those who are interested in deserting the asphalt. The Nissan Frontier PRO-4X bundle includes Brillstein rough terrain dampers, skid plates to ensure fragile components underneath the chassis, a locking differential out back, bumpy Goodrich tires, and, of course, four-wheel drive. 

2) 2016 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro 


The Toyota offroading 4Runner is entirely fit for getting you where you need to go, but the TRD Pro was designed specifically for those who are serious about their rough terrain adventuring. 

3) 2016 Jeep Wrangler 

The 2016 Jeep Wrangler is the undisputed ruler of offroading SUVs, with even the base model’s solid front axles, superb ground leeway, and standard four-wheel drive making it an imposing trail master. Upgrading to the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, be that as it may, introduces the vehicle’s most proficient four-wheel drive system with a Rock-Trace transfer case, 

4) 2016 Ford F-150 

The 2016 Ford F-150 full-size offroading pickup truck is designed around a lightweight aluminum body with stuck and bolted panels, over a high-strength steel outline. If it doesn’t sound that strong, well, Ford used to make Land Rovers with a similar technique. 

5) 2016 Land Rover LR4 


The 2016 Land Rover LR4 is a staple amongst families shopping for an extravagance SUV, but the fair size vehicle does much more than just pamper occupants. The Land Rover LR4 is an impressive trail weapon thanks to its generally short wheelbase and it’s propelled full-time four-wheel drive system, which comes with Land Rover’s Terrain Response highlight that can consequently adjust an extensive variety of vehicle parameters to specifically handle mud, snow, rock, and rocks. 

6) 2015 Nissan Terri PRO-4X 

The 2015 Nissan Terri PRO-4X is as often as possible praised for consolidating an intense, full-outline, rough terrain prepared stage with the sort of every day driving manners that make it a practical suburbanite choice. The Nissan Terri PRO-4X enhances the moderate size SUV’s prowess by method for installing special tires and wheels, including slope start assistance and a slope descent control highlight, giving a locking back differential, and offering extra exterior lighting. 

7) 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser 

The 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser is another high-dollar rough terrain contender. The Toyota Land Cruiser is the priciest vehicle in the Japanese brand’s armada, and it offers no options (everything is standard), but notwithstanding its three rows of cushy seating, it also offers a full-time four-wheel drive system, and brilliant ground freedom,

8) 2016 Ram 2500 Power Wagon 


The 2016 RAM 2500 Power Wagon is a serious three-quarter ton full-size pickup that makes use of a to a great degree aggressive back hub proportion, locking differentials, an extreme four-wheel drive system, a manufacturing plant winch, skid plates, tow hooks, off-road tires, Brillstein shocks, and the capacity to disconnect the front sway bar from inside the lodge. 

9) 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee 

The 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a comfortable people mover, as well as maintains Jeep’s exclusive requirements for rough terrain capacity. The Trail Rated Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with the decision of three different four-wheel drive systems, 

10) 2016 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz G-Class is the most expensive vehicle on this list, and it’s also the one and only that was initially based on a military transporter. The Mercedes-Benz G-Class looks like a major box on wheels, and its upright appeal conceals a host of serious rough terrain features, such as three locking differentials, a full-time four-wheel drive system with low-extend ability, and extraordinary takeoff and approach angles.

The Countdown for the World’s Top 10 Fastest Motorcycles


It’s all about speed this year as the list of top 10 fastest motorcycles for 2016 emerges. The unbelievable power and speed these bikes possess is sure to boost your adrenaline to its peak.

  1. BMW K 1200S

Coming in at number 10 is this hyper-sport motorcycle built by BMW with revolutionary suspension and strong brakes for safety at very high speed. Its features include 16 valve 4-cylinder engine which builds up a power of 164 hp @ 10250 rpm and a blazing maximum speed of 174 miles per hour.



This bike has one of the best seats and is rated the fastest bike produced by Asprilia Company. It is powered by a 998 cc V-twin engine which produces 141.13 hp at 10000 rpm. At a top speed of 175 miles per hour this stunning bike can leap from 0-140 kmph in 10 seconds.

  1. MV AGUSTA F4 1000R

This smooth motorbike is the series of f4 1000 motorbikes from Agusta, an Italian manufacturer. This limited edition superbike is equipped with 16 valves, liquid cooled engine, and produces 174hp at top speed of 184mph.


The ninja bike series has a reputation for topping the list of fastest motorbikes in the world and this year is no different. It has a top speed of 186mph, 0-100mph in 2.7 seconds and features a 1441 cc four valve liquid cooled engine



This popular Japanese brand takes the 6th spot with a maximum power of 197.3 [email protected] 13500 rpm, top speed 186 miles per hour and features 998 cc, liquid cooled 16-valve, DOHC, 4-cylinder engine.


In 1997 Honda CBR 1100xx overtook the glorious Kawasaki ZX-11 and became the fastest motorcycle. It has the ability of 190mph with a 152 hp engine.


This is the swiftest superbike in the ninja series with a 300hp supercharged engine. It can burn over 220 miles per hour. It features 998 cc, DOHC, inline 4-engine.


This wheel-driven motorbike is recognized by the Guinness book of world records as the most powerful production motorcycle. It features a 320hp @ 52000rpm and a top speed of 227mph.



This powerhouse is named after peregrine falcon, the fastest bird in the world whose speed of flight is 203mph and a maximum speed of 248mph. It features a 1397 cc 4-cylinder, 16-valves, and liquid cooled engine with power of 197hp @ 6750 rpm.

01            DODGE TOMAHAWK

At lightning speed of 420 mph, the dodge tomahawk steals the number one spot as the fastest motorcycle in the world. It features 500hp produced by an 8.3 liter, v-10 SRT, 10 dodge viper engines. It has a 4-wheel, 2 front wheel/ 2 rear wheels and can build a momentum of 0-60 mile in just 1.5 seconds.